Forest Ridge Baptist Church Dayton Ohio

Community Groups

Community Groups happen on different nights and locations throughout the week. We grow together in Christ by sitting under scripture, eating and praying with and for one another. If you are interested in visiting, feel free to send an email to the contacts below.

North Huber: Tuesday at 6 pm. Hosted by the Kenney's. Led by Ray Kenney and Will Massaro. Contact: Will Massaro

Forest Ridge Neighborhood: Wednesday at 6 pm. Hosted by the Bullmaster's. Led by Cliff Bullmaster and Keith Fitzpatrick. Contact: Keith Fitzpatrick

Huber Heights: Thursday at 6 pm. Hosted by the Brewer's. Led by John Brewer. Contact Mandy Brewer

SOBO (south of boulevard): Thursday at 6 pm. Hosted by the Rastatter's. Led by Ted Rastatter and Phil Demeter. Contact: Ted Rastatter